Initial Candidate Slate

We have selected 6 clergy and 6 laity names to initially publicize as receiving our endorsement.  We chose 6 because this is the maximum that can be voted on in any ballot.  These names were selected both because of their commitment to justice and their perceived electability based on past votes and visibility in the conference.  These names are:

Clergy Endorsed

  1. Dan Bryant
  2. Andy Call
  3. Cara Stultz Costello
  4. Abby Auman
  5. Gary Henderson
  6. Jon Priebe

Laity Endorsed

  1. Brian Sheetz
  2. Connor Prusha
  3. Martha Banks
  4. Kim Green
  5. Susan Achberger

In addition to these 6 names- we have a list of reserve delegates that we intend to publish from as the above delegates are elected or if members of the reserve delegation get more votes than any named member.