Why Does the Slate Matter?

We come into Annual Conference this year with hearts heavy after General Conference 2019. Those who are unhappy with the Traditional Plan – whether for its punitive nature, it’s exclusionary policy or its lack of contextualization – are invited to take actions that make clear the position of our annual conference. 

East Ohio Forward has come together with various organizations and individuals in East Ohio to develop a centrist and progressive slate of candidates for our General and Jurisdictional conference delegation.

As such, we have pulled together a group of clergy and laity who will seek to overturn the Traditional Plan. These delegates dream of a church where all are truly welcome and all may truly serve God.

These candidates are first and foremost future-minded with eyes toward helping realize the United Methodist Church of tomorrow – with room for traditional and progressive understandings of LGBTQ+ Clergy and same-gender weddings to co-exist within the Church..

We believe they are electable and well respected in our conference as relational, hopeful and ready to serve as delegates. 

They are diverse – including clergy and lay recommendations, the East Ohio Forward slate is: 41% Women25% Person of Color41% Under 40We know that these elections can be challenging because we want to support our friends, and we also know that GC2020 may serve as a major turning point in our denomination.

For these reasons, we ask that you prayerfully consider voting for this slate in the order nominated and share it with your friends by forwarding this email with colleagues and lay delegates who may not yet be receiving updates from East Ohio Forward.

This year, if we vote together – centrists, moderates and progressives – we have the best chance to Move Forward Together.